Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The garden continues to do its thing...

I've visited Eden Reframed twice in the past month, like I was grabbing fast food from a drive-in restaurant. It was not satisfying on any level - like watching a child you love through a window of a car. There was no intimacy and it felt a bit sad and disrespectful to rush through a visit. Nor did I make it there for a winter solstice event because the community energy to gather there was not evident. People were too busy, too stressed, too committed to other things. Without living on the Island anymore, it is hard to generate buzz and steward the project. So the next steps in caring for this project seem like trepidatious ones...although I don't want them to be. Perhaps I just need to trust that the garden will continue to do its thing. It will take little human interference now. It is my choice and the community's choice whether it will be nourished by our presence or not.


  1. I just visited this place for the first time this weekend and was so inspired. What a beautiful garden and such a neat idea. Any way to help?

  2. If you want to help in the garden, please contact Margot Boyer