Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving Forward and on HOLD

My contribution to the Vashon community art event, The Gravity of Kindness, is moving along full stop. Today I'm off to the Tacoma Good will to purchase material by the pound. We will wrap parts of the altars - I am looking for translucent color and hope that all the right ones will arrive in my short visit there. Margot and Barbie-Danielle will be working with me tomorrow, sewing the "shelves" into the altars.

Eden Reframed is on hold for at the moment, undisclosed reasons...and the log jam will have to pushed open soon. I am looking for alternative sites, other consultants and allies. My main collaborator, Shahreyar Ataie, returns home from his summer-long meditation retreat in a few weeks, and I'd like to be able to break soil in some way, even symbolically, before then.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Return of the Prodigal Daughter

Yes, our trip to Italy was extravagant, but worth every moment (except for the short time we were without seats in a sauna-like train). The eco-village we visited was the most amazing place, and we highly recommend it for multiple reasons - the food, the architecture, the community, the alpine swimming hole, the terraces, the labyrinthian stone staircases and the price (very reasonable). You can also do work trades for room and board. Anyone who wants to see photos of our journey just needs to log on to facebook and my profile there. I don''t want to be redundant here.

Now on to the work of building altars. My lovely studio assistant, Barbie Danielle, arrived on Monday and we have been diligently building altars for the Gravity of Kindness Performance on August 29th. We have harvested more branches from the woods, and screwed together some skeletal structures (one per day). We need to create 4, for the four directions. We'll work everyday this week and next, so that we will have something exciting to share and install by the 26th.

What I am learning from this work is that the woods are plentiful with art supplies, but I am trying to be respectful of creatures' homes and wood that is clearly married to the earth. I am also learning AGAIN to let the materials tell me what they need to become. So the images in my sketchbooks and in my head may be superfluous to what actually needs to occur in the moment or the engineering that is required.

Our soil and bio-remediator, Caleb, is supposed to visit the Beall site with me on Thursday to begin the soil testing process. I await his confirmation.

Soon I will need to begin writing some PR for the Vashon community about this project, and get an article in the local paper, but some details need to be addressed before we start seeking supplies, stories, volunteers, etc.