Monday, December 17, 2012

Oooooohhhhhhh, it's been how long since I last posted here? YIKES! Is that what my life is like now??????? Oh, my. Well, it means that my hands are in the city, not on the island, and I've been looking at Eden Reframed from my car window, rather than sticking my fingers in the dirt. We have to do something about this. This Friday, the much discussed end of the world, according to some, also happens to be the awesome winter solstice, one of those holidays that I like to celebrate (thank the goddess that Hallmark has not yet appropriated this one). We are having the briefest acknowledgement of this turning towards the sun, from 3-4 pm at the site. I hope you can come, if not in body, then in spirit. We will do something, altho' it will depend on who arrives, just what we do...I hope it's fun and outrageous and that it's not dripping wet. See you there.

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