Thursday, June 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Shahreyar is building the gates to the garden, and I am transcribing the stories of farmers and gardeners. Then I'll be creating photoshop files so that the stories will be burnt onto 3x4 panels of cedar. It's a slow and steady process now. Not sure that we'll be done before the August 27th deadline, but we're doing our best.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some photos of the first Weaving Our Dreams into Eden Reframed

Marcia weaving in the first dream.

Melody working with great concentration and commitment. She was with us all day!

Stephen (further down) studying the new landscape.

Kippy, Holly and Kim (the three women) in deep discussion.

Meagen (in turquoise scarf) working the dream in.

Lily (in white fur) guarding the gates.

Zen practice brothers, Bob and Shahreyar, communing with nature.

B & B just being.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come out this Saturday

Other than preparing for this Saturday's event, Weaving Our Dreams into Eden Reframed, we have been just WAITING....WAITING....WAITING for our fallen cedar logs to be milled at the Forest Stewards. Hopefully the wood will be ready by early July. We need to get the gates built, along with the signage, the benches and the story hive. We have lots of work in front of us. Otherwise, I have started work on another body of work that will be my last show as part of my collective, VALISE (Vashon Artists Linked in Social Engagement). I am curating a show of images that will come from my community on Facebook called Reconstructive Visions of the Future and I am resurrecting or reinvigorating a body of work about nuclear issues. It is a bit challenging to steward all these projects at once, but, hey, I have to squeeze every bit of juice out of these last months of sabbatical.