Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Day of First Week

Our last day at the site this week was very productive, but we really needed a team of 10 strong teens or 20 somethings to get the whole brush drain finished. Despite emailing friends, our volunteer list and others, and placing ads on VASHON ALL, Facebook and at the Skate Park itself, offering free pizza to those who came before 3 pm, we succeeded in getting only a small group of volunteers. Deston worked devotedly all day, and the other wonderful people (Nan, Dana, Shannon and Kyle) came and went, putting in as much work as their schedules allowed. It was great to have whatever time and sweat people could donate to the task.

I will leave for my lecture tour next weekend, and Shahreyar will work with Deston to complete the food forest bed before I return on May 1st.

Today Sam and I placed a sign at the site to share what is happening with the community that uses the park. Hopefully things will remain as they are until our team returns.

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