Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Week - Happy Spring

Getting ready for breaking ground this week, and I'm concerned about having enough volunteers to help out. Deston is coming in from the south tomorrow, with a borrowed truck and all his tools. He will fell a dead alder tree on our property, and then we will use it for building the beds. This will happen on Tuesday. On Wednesday we hope to have an excavator at the site to dig up the trench for the brush drain. The biggest challenge right now is to find clay soil to line the trench. I put an ad in Vashon All and Vashon Freecycle but there's been no response. I will contact Vashon Parks tomorrow to see if they have a suggestion. So much to figure out. I have to borrow a peavy and some rope, get a bunch of rakes and shovels. Then there's the plants themselves and the fence making. All of this has to happen before I leave town, and I have to get it down while commuting from Seattle to the Island everyday. I leave town on April 3rd for a whole month of giving talks. Too busy. Well, the good news is that I'm almost finished with day five of my spring detox (Panchakarma) and I only have four more days. Not the best time, but it is, afterall, the spring equinox today.

If I didn't have this project to distract me, I'd be more focused on the grim state of the world right now - nuclear catastrophe and natural disasters and more violence being provoked by my tax dollars in Libya. It's sickening. Thankfully we have little ways to heal the planet...they may not be enough to compensate for the damage being done, but they are our only hope.

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