Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Process questions

So I was asked a few questions on Facebook by the artist Laura Lynch, and she encouraged me to blog my answers. I made the story hive models from recycled cardboard covered in tracing paper, then collaged images and text on the surfaces, along with archival ink drawn and painted on the surfaces. Each hive has drawers or shelves where their are honey comb panels where the audience has been writing down their stories. The seed packets on the windows were made from yellow tracing paper sewn together with thread, then images were drawn on their surfaces, along with text, and I dipped the whole lot into beeswax. I've always loved the translucency of tracing paper (like layers of skin), but adding the small and texture of beeswax is exquisite. I don't feel that this part of the exhibit works the way I envisioned, but I am going to continue to play with it during the month and see what improvements I can make.

Any other questions about process? Just send them this way.

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  1. very cool--delicate & archival yet visceral & grounded . . .