Monday, August 15, 2011

Some working definitions

Folks are coming to this blog not understanding what the intentions of Eden Reframed might be, so I am going to post some definitions that will be engraved on signage at the site.

Ecological art (also known as eco-art) focuses on communities and inter-relationships. These include not only the natural features of a particular site, but also the cultural, political and historical aspects of communities or ecological systems. Eco-art can explore the complex structure of an ecosystem while restoring or remediating what has been damaged by neglect or deliberate human interventions. Eco-art may re-envision, attempt to heal or celebrate aspects of the natural environment that have gone unnoticed. It can model innovative or indigenous ways of stewarding local resources. The work can challenge preconceptions about the natural world, encourage behavioral changes and be audience-participatory. Eco-art is created to communicate, stimulate dialogue and contribute to social transformation.

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