Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally, a moment to write and post photos

We have made so much progress in so little time that I am a bit breathless. Tomorrow we will install the posts for our deer fence and transplant the edible garden put together last year by permaculture design teacher, Emet Degirmenci. Emet will be present for the gentle process of transplanting blueberry and huckleberry bushes, strawberries, fruit trees and herbs. We hope to have a couple of volunteers to assist us as well.

Shahreyar and I have spent the week collecting boughs of conifers and binding the boughs, needles and all, into bundles. We were donated a cache of Cypress boughs (in the cedar family)from the property of Dana and Katherine. We filled the truck twice, and still need to haul more. These bundles will be used as barriers for the raised beds, and their natural curves will work splendidly with the arcs of our beds. The daily physical work of bundling, sawing, clipping and carrying has been a real test for our aging bodies, but with a massage and some chiropractic work, we are ready for more.
And S and I are having so much fun, gabbing while we work, in the shade outside his studio. We couldn't ask for a better situation in which to do the work.

I look forward to watching the beds grow with new life, as worms and mycellium discover the composting soil, and pollinators gather to enjoy the flowers. I also am excited to see what shapes the fence will create in the field.

We will announce soon a time for the community to gather and weave mementos into the fence.

I am attaching photos of the work crew laying down the bags of dry clay and brush. There are also shots of S on his tractor, Shannon discussing the bioremediation of the soil and students from Evergreen helping with the creation of the brush drain.

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