Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Physical Setback, An Assistant Needed

After days of experimenting with altar designs, sawing, drilling and collecting wood, I've sadly stirred up my old shoulder injury, and I've been advised (by my acupuncturist) to lay off any labor that involves heavy lifting or pulling for a few weeks. YIKES! I figured out that I need to hire an assistant for those tasks, but I'm concerned that handing over this work will damage my intimacy with the materials. Guess I'll have to file that concern if this shoulder will ever heal. Instead I'll be shooting more photos, writing a press release, drawing out ideas, and refining a time line. Oh, and then there's the issue of drawing up a contract with the owners who want questions answered about liability, maintenance, access, etc. All of this will be put on hold after Tuesday, the 20th, when we fly east to spend two weeks in Northern Italy (yes, I know our carbon footprint will increase exponentially) where we've never been. We will start out at the ecovillage, Torri Superiore, in the Piedmont district just north of Ventimigglia and the Italian Riviera. I hope to be inspired by their permaculture gardens, and learn more about the international ecovillage movement.

If I don't write much during that time, don't despair. I will post lots when I return. I'll have to finish 4 altars in time for the Gravity of Kindness community performance on August 29th, and to that end, I will hire an assistant for about 3 weeks. Let me know if you have any leads. Skills with power tools and a lust for scavenging materials are a big plus.

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